How to Get My Toddler to Eat More Vegetables

Part of keeping your toddler healthy involves encouraging them to eat food they may not like. Here is how to get your toddler to eat more vegetables.
How to get your toddler to eat more vegetables 2

How to Get My Toddler to Eat More Vegetables

Are you raising a picky eater?

While some people are blessed with toddlers who will eat anything that you put in front of them, toddlers are notoriously picky. This will continue through childhood if you don’t help them make healthier choices!

If you need to encourage your child to eat more vegetables, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn all about how to encourage healthy eating for toddlers! 

“Hidden” Vegetables

If you have a child that’s truly too stubborn to eat vegetables, it’s time to hide them. Remember, it’s okay to trick your child if it’s for their own good. 

There are so many places that you can hide vegetables from your children. They’ll never have to know that they’re eating something that’s good for them.

The easiest places to hide veggies are juices and smoothies. If you have a juicer, juice some greens and carrots together with an apple and you’ll have a sweet and healthy treat for your child.

When it comes to smoothies, don’t be afraid to throw a handful of spinach in with some bananas or blueberries. Your child won’t be able to taste the difference!

You can even hide vegetables in meals. You can blend them into cheese sauces for healthy macaroni and cheese or put them in tomato sauce for your next pasta dinner! 

Toddler Chefs

Sometimes children don’t like the idea of eating vegetables because they’re unfamiliar. To combat this problem, let your child cook with you!

Toddlers have limited capabilities in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help out. Children love playing “chef.”

Find simple tasks for your child. They can break apart broccoli crowns, open snap peas, and measure out greens. You can also let them add things to your pans or bowls while you supervise.

When your child takes a hands-on role with dinner, they may be more excited to eat the food that “they” made!

Fun Veggies 

When in doubt, make healthy snacks more fun for your child. There are plenty of ways that you can make veggies more appealing without adding unhealthy toppings. 

For example, consider giving your child a plate of carrots and celery and pairing it with yoghurt. Yoghurt makes a great healthy dipping “sauce” for these vegetables and some yoghurts even pack a protein and probiotic punch!

You could try out the ever-popular “ants on a log” snack to encourage your child to eat some healthy celery. Spread natural peanut butter in the centre of a stalk of celery for some added protein. Add some raisins or dried cranberries on top for the “ants.”

This is a great handheld snack that will keep your child full between meals!

Get Your Toddler to Eat More Vegetables Today

Vegetables are the perfect snacks for toddlers if you know how to prepare them. By getting your child involved in the cooking process, getting creative, and getting a little bit sneaky, your child will eat more vegetables in no time. 

Are you looking for another way to encourage your child to eat well?

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