Tips On Reducing Food Waste in The Home For The Whole Family

Lowering your household's food waste is one of the best ways to give our Earth a helping hand as well as being incredibly economic. Keep reading to find out the biggest food waste culprits in your home and how to lower your food waste.
Tips on food waste

Where and How is Food Wasted?

Food can spoil before we use it if we don’t store it properly, it can get lost behind other items in the fridge, or it gets tossed because we misjudge our food needs.

Sometimes we just cook too much. Cooking portions have increased over time and large meals can lead to uneaten leftovers.

According to the latest figures from WRAP, by weight, household food waste makes up around 70% of the UK post-farm-gate total. They estimate that by cutting food waste each household could save up to £700 per year as well as making less waste.

The Top 5 Ways To Prevent Food Waste

  1. Plan your meals for the week, and then buy only what you plan to cook. Most importantly: Don’t overbuy. Keep track of what you’ve bought and used. WRAP suggests taking a ‘shelfie’ – a photo of your fridge and cupboards to remind you of what’s there.
  2. Understand that for many products, the “best before” date is simply a manufacturer recommendation for peak quality, and is not an indicator of food safety. Very often foods, particularly dry goods, are fine long after the date on the package. Trust your nose and common sense.
    Plan ahead. Think about what you’re going to cook and how you’ll use the leftovers. Do you have space in the freezer? Can you save leftovers for lunch using eco rascals bamboo snack pots?
  3. Love your freezer. Use your weekends to batch-cook and freeze. We love the BBC’s good food freezer guide.
  4. Get to grips with recipes that use the same ingredients. It can be difficult to buy the exact amount of ingredients for some recipes. To not waste multipacks of veg and other perishables plan your recipes for the week to use the same ingredients. You can check out our family-friendly recipes here (little one approved!)
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