Exploring Food Together – Parent and Baby

Family mealtimes are a perfect opportunity for you and your baby to spend time together. Not only is this great for bonding, but it can also help your baby become a better eater, and enjoy a wider range of healthy foods.

Eating As A Family

Babies and toddlers love copying their parents. So seeing you, your partner or their siblings tucking into healthy food may tempt your little one to try a taste for themselves. Once your baby reaches six months, they can share the most healthy, home-cooked family meals. Just like adults, babies need food from all the major food groups. If your baby is eating family food, don’t add salt or sugar during cooking. You can always add seasoning to your own plate afterwards. And steer clear of foods such as honey, whole nuts and raw shellfish, which aren’t safe for babies.

Playing With Food To Curb Picky Eating

Playing with food is an awesome developmental activity for kids, even though parents tend to shy away from it because it can get messy. Are you already stressed about your child showing signs of picky eating? The phrase “Stop playing with your food!” could be holding you back! Toddlers are like sponges, they’re always absorbing information. They thrive off exploring new environments. They touch and feel things, they taste things, and they are constantly analyzing their surroundings. Why should food be any different? Think of a time when you had to try a new food. What did you do? Did you smell it first? Poke it with your fork? Take a small bite before diving in? Your toddler is no different!

Get Ready for Mess!

Messy eating is a normal part of children’s development. Messy eating develops fine motor skills and helps children learn about food. Most young children squish food in their hands, throw food and bowls onto the floor, deliberately dribble with their mouths full, or refuse to eat. At eco rascals we have a range of products that can help cut down on mealtime mess! From suction plates and bowls to cutlery perfect for little hands.

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