Weaning Week

Weaning Week is run by Weaning World in the month of May every year.

What Is Weaning Week?

Weaning Weeks’ organisers say “The aim of Weaning Week is to bring together experts, brands and real families to offer help, advice, tips, support, and recipes for 6 months plus, 9 months plus and 12 months plus to make weaning as easy as possible. By creating a supportive network for parents, we hope that parents will look to wean their child as nutritiously as possible so they are less fussy eaters and will want to lead a healthy lifestyle later on.”

Why We are Part Of Weaning Week

Supporting parents with weaning is something we here at Eco Rascals are passionate about. Our mission is to continue to support parents with advice, recipes and a range of eco friendly weaning products. We understand that every child is different and encourage parents to adapt to their little ones’ needs whilst making weaning fun for the family.

Help With Weaning

There comes a point in every baby’s life, usually when they’re approaching six months old, when milk just doesn’t quite cut it anymore and both you and your baby are ready to start the journey of introducing solid foods, known as “weaning”.

Weaning can be a trying time for any parent (and baby) it’s only natural to have questions and seek guidance. Should I start baby-led weaning or pureeing? What are the benefits of baby-led weaning? What are the downsides? Is my baby at risk of choking? What are the best safety tips before starting weaning?

You can get the answer to many weaning questions within our parenting section, if you need any help please reach out to us.

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