Eco Rascals Oh-so-yummy Chocolate “bounty” Recipe!

We’re celebrating World Chocolate Day with our little ones this year.

World Chocolate day started in 2009 and gives us a fabulous excuse to explore the fun of chocolate with our children.

Research shows that chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants, it helps to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps to boost mood.

Get ready to embrace the joy of sticky fingers and join us as we create this tasty toddler choccy treat, ideal for kids of all ages!

Chocolate Bounty Recipe

Course: Desert, PuddingCuisine: KidsDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time


Resting Time



  • 3 Cups Desiccated Coconut

  • ½ Cup Thick Cream (heated)

  • 1 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk

  • 2 Bars Milk Chocolate


  • Combine Ingredients

  • Mix Well

  • Shape Mixture Into Bounty Shapes

  • Directions Step
  • Freeze For 1 Hour

  • Break Apart Chocolate Bars and Melt

  • Coat Mixture Shapes In Chocolate

  • Refrigerate Until Set

    At What Age Can You Give Your Child Chocolate?

    Although chocolate is delicious, it is not recommended for babies under two years of age as it contains refined sugars and caffeine, which could have negative effects on your baby.

    It is recommended that chocolate should not be given to children before the age of two because it is a source of refined sugar. But it is also best avoided by young children because of its caffeine content.

    Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. As adults, we can tolerate more caffeine than children can. It can make toddlers feel quite restless and can upset their stomachs.

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