Halloween Art and Crafts for Kids

From toilet roll bats, to monster plates and handprint cards, join eco rascals and keep your little ones entertained with some quick and easy (and spooky but not too scary) craft ideas this Halloween!

Monstrous Handprint Cards

Spread a bit of spine-chilling cheer at Halloween with these simple handprint cards.

Step 1

Take a piece of coloured card (or plain white and colour it in yourself) and fold it in half.

Step 2

Draw around your hand with a pencil (with the fold at the bottom of the card).

Step 3

Cut the hand shape out (adults, you may wish to do this part or supervise your child whilst they do it).

Step 4

Stick some googly eyes on the hand (or draw them on yourself).

Step 5

Draw a spooky face on the hand:

Step 6

Cut some triangles out of white paper or card for the teeth and stick them on (optional).

Step 7

Decorate the hand however you wish to create your little hand monster.

Step 8

Write a nice (or spooky) message in the card.

And hey presto – you have a monstrous Halloween handprint card!

Toilet Roll Bats

Make some spooky bats to hang around the house and scare any potential visitors.

These are also a great way to use up any old toilet rolls you’ve kept hold of.

Step 1

Take a toilet roll and wrap it in black (or another spooky colour) piece of card or paper, sticking it down with glue.

Step 2

Cut some wings out of the same-coloured card or paper and stick them to the back of the wrapped toilet roll.

Step 3

Stick some googly eyes on – or draw them on.

Step 4

Cut out some triangles from the same-coloured card or paper and stick them to the top of the toilet roll for ears.

Step 5

Cut some triangles out of white paper or card and stick them to the toilet roll to create fangs.

And there you have it! Some spooky bats to use for your Halloween decorations! If you stick a bit of string to the top or bottom (bats like to hang upside down) you can hang them around the house to give it an extra Halloweeny feel!

Scary Paper Plate Monsters

Create a creepy or frightful Halloween decoration using just a paper plate and whatever craft materials you have available. Here’s a step-by-step guide for turning a paper plate into a monster:

Step 1

Grab a paper plate and cut the middle out so you’re left with the outer circle. (Keep hold of the middle bit as you can use it later!)

Step 2

Colour it in using whatever colour you like

Step 3

Cut some triangles out of the discarded centre to make some teeth and stick them to the inside of the coloured circle (if you’re making a monster). You can also cut them with rounded edges instead of a pointed triangle if you want more stubby-like teeth.

Step 4

Stick some googly eyes to the top of the coloured circle (or draw them on).

Step 5

Cut out some ears from either coloured card (or the leftover middle and colour it however you like) and stick that to the top of the circle.

And there you have a paper plate monster!

You can get creative with these if you like and make a spooky spider’s web but making some holes around the inner edge of the circle once you’ve cut the middle out and coloured it in. Then thread some string through the holes to create a web design (like at the end of our video). Pop a spider on top and you’ve got a ready-made web to place somewhere around the house for unsuspecting visitors to find!

We hope you and your little one enjoy getting crafty this Halloween with these simple ideas!

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