Bamboo Weaning Plates – an ideal Christmas gift

Looking for a great Christmas gift for new parents or babies? Our bamboo weaning plates are perfect for parents approaching or going through the weaning stage with their little one!
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From our classic bamboo toddler suction plate to our range of fun, recognisable shaped plates like our bamboo dinosaur suction plate or our bamboo rabbit plate, there is plenty of choice that little ones will love.

Why choose bamboo?

At eco rascals, we wanted to create a luxury, stylish, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to the plastic products the saturating the baby market at the moment.

It has become common knowledge that all the plastic products ever created are still present on our planet, whether that’s floating in our oceans, discarded in our cities and countryside, endangering our wildlife, or sitting in landfills. Microplastics have been found in the foods that we eat, and recent research has even found microplastics in human breastmilk that we’re supposed to be nourishing our babies with! 

So, we set out to find and supply an alternative to plastic to use in the manufacturing of our products. This is when we found bamboo!

Benefits of bamboo products

While you may be unable to simply chuck our bamboo plates in the dishwasher, the benefits that bamboo provides over plastic products far outweighs the effort of cleaning them in warm soapy water and leaving them to dry on the rack.


Bamboo is better for the environment

Bamboo is a prolific grower; it does not require the use of fertiliser, pesticides, or chemicals to help it flourish and grow. Bugs tend to be uninterested in bamboo, which means there is no need for chemical intervention to keep them away. This ensures that the amount of chemicals that make their way into the plant, soil, and groundwater around it are drastically reduced, if not eliminated entirely, when compared to other organic manufacturing materials. 

Bamboo also requires less water to help it grow than other plants, which reduces the amount of supplemental water required to help it survive and grow.

Bamboo also releases around 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere in comparison to hardwood trees that take up a similar sized area as well as capturing more carbon dioxide from the air.

Bamboo, once discarded, is also 100% biodegradable. So, while plastic plates will remain in landfill for centuries, our bamboo plates will be long gone within a year.

Bamboo is very durable

According to recent studies, bamboo is stronger than oak! The tensile strength of mild steel is around 23,000ppsi whereas bamboo has a tensile strength of around 28,000 ppsi! That’s pretty tough!

Bamboo is also a more resistant wood than most other woods. It doesn’t rot and warp when subjected to moisture as much as most other woods.

Bamboo is sustainable

Bamboo is a sustainable, eco-friendly material, and has been known to be used on riverbanks to help reduce soil erosion.

Bamboo normally reaches maturity within three or four years, which means that it grows fast! Some bamboo species can even grow up to three feet in just a single day! The yield available for bamboo is as much as 25 times more than other types of tree, making bamboo a great, sustainable choice to keep up with the demand for resources.


Eco Rascal bamboo plates

It’s all well and good singing the praises of bamboo as a sustainable material but what about the plates themselves? Why do our bamboo plates make such great gifts?

Well, other than the fact they’re made from bamboo, which makes them great for the environment, they also look great too! 

Our bamboo plates are made from 100% natural bamboo, which means they’re made from quality materials (rather than bamboo fibre). You can clearly see the natural grain in the plates, making them attractive to look at. 

We also design our plates with eye-catching shapes and curves, which makes them appealing to both children and parents alike.

Our suction plates come with a detachable suction base, available in a range of colour options to suit any taste, meaning that the plate will stay put on a highchair or table. No more plates flying across the room at feeding time! The suction base is also removable. So, when the child gets older and there is less danger of an airborne dinner plate, the base can be removed, and the plate can be used for longer.

Because they’re made of bamboo, they stay cool to the touch, which is great for younger children, and they are easy to clean – a bonus for mum and dad!

There are a variety of options, shapes, and sizes available. Choose from our classic bamboo plate with no sections, allowing you to create amazing food art for your kids or use it for one-pot-meals, or choose one of our shaped bamboo plates with separate sections to keep food apart like our gorgeous bamboo owl suction plate. We all know some children that simply won’t eat any foods that are touching

Shop our full range of bamboo plates today!

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