Three Ways to Decorate Gingerbread Men

Whether you’re creating a delicious masterpiece, or a toddler-style disaster, an afternoon decorating gingerbread men offers festive fun for the whole family! To help get the creative gears turning, we’ve put together three ideas for you and your little ones to try out on your own bakes.


1. Classic gingerbread man

You can’t go wrong with the classic gingerbread man design, with a simplicity that looks great served up to friends and relatives, and is also very easy to achieve.

For the classic icing, you can either limit it to just white icing for that timeless look, or throw in some Christmassy reds and greens to add some festive magic. Outline your gingerbread man in white, with squiggly lines on his arms and legs, then finish off with eyes, a smile, and a set of buttons.

If you have a particularly sweet tooth, you can even use the icing to glue on some chocolates as buttons!

2. Gingerbread family

Why stop at just one gingerbread man, when you can have a whole family?! Using different sizes of cookie cutters, you can make children for your gingerbread men and women. 

You can decorate your family with the classic technique of option one, or have some fun and add different colours for scarves, hats, hair, and more! You could even try and make your own family out of gingerbread – see how accurate you can make it!

Check out the video above to find out how to decorate a gingerbread family.

Gingerbread family xmas recipe

3. Reindeer

This year, turn Christmas on its head – literally! Turning your gingerbread men upside down instantly transforms them into reindeer. It’s a super easy way to switch things up with your decorating,

With the same white icing, you can outline the ears, decorate the antlers, and add a pair of eyes to bring your reindeer to life. Take it up a notch and use red icing or a red Smartie/M&M to turn your reindeer into Rudolph! 

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