No Sugar Christmas Snacks for Kids!

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about sugar and chocolate - especially if you’re trying to find snacks for your little ones! That’s why we’ve put together a list of healthier snacks with no added sugar, bursting with nutritious goodness and festive fun.

Santa Grapes

Plate up this twist on a regular fruit salad to bring some Christmas magic to the table. All you need is a banana, some grapes, a few strawberries, and a little creativity. 

Chop the leaves off of your strawberries, and halve them along with your grapes. Next, slice half of your banana into semi-circles, and then cut the other half into little cubes. 

Now comes the fun part! To make your little santa hats, place your banana semi-circles at the fat end of your strawberries, then top them off with a little banana square for the bobble. Next, simply lay your grapes under the hat for santa’s face, and then your festive snack is ready to serve!


Cheese & Cracker Stars

Cheese and Cracker Stars

You can’t get through the holiday season without a helping of cheese and crackers. And, with the simplest of touches, you can make this yummy snack extra Christmassy!

Using either a cookie cutter or a knife, cut star shapes out of thin slices of cheese. We recommend choosing a semi-hard cheese for this recipe, like cheddar, so that it’s easy to cut and holds its shape. 

Simply lay your star shapes on top of some small, round crackers and serve.


Apple Stars

Apple Stars

Continuing with the star theme, have a go at making these festive apple slices for a healthy snack. 

Start off by slicing a whole apple. Then, using 

a star cookie cutter, core each slice, removing the seeds and leaving behind a lovely star shape.

If you have a number of different cookie cutter shapes, you can try out a whole range of apple slices. Candy canes, christmas trees, gingerbread men – whatever you like!


Kiwi Christmas Trees

Kiwi Christmas Trees

Your little ones will love the bright colours and fun layout of this fruity Christmas Tree.

To make it, start by carefully peeling a single kiwi – save the skin, as you’ll need it for your tree bark. Cut the rest of the kiwi into semi-circle slices to make the leaves.

On your plate, lay a small rectangle of kiwi skin at the base, then fan your slices out to make a tree shape.

You can either leave it there, or take it a step further by decorating your tree. Choose another brightly coloured fruit, such as a watermelon. Cut out a star for the top of your tree, and a number of tiny chunks for the baubles.


Watermelon Christmas Trees

Watermelon Christmas Trees

Another take on a fruit tree, this recipe calls for minimal chopping skills – a relief for many parents! 

With a wedge of watermelon, cut out a simple tree shape starting from the rind. The white and green hues will help to set your trunk apart from the rest of your tree.

Once your watermelon trees have been cut out, you can decorate them! You can use yoghurt, berries, chunks of fruit, or whatever you want to transform your watermelon into little Christmas Trees.

For more Christmas snacks and ideas, check out our YouTube channel, or visit our blog.

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