How do I teach my baby how to use a spoon?

Trying to encourage your baby to use a spoon can require a lot of patience and dedication, but it’s all worth it once they start eating with cutlery all on their own!

There are lots of different things that can impact your baby’s cutlery journey, including the type of spoon they’re using, their bowl, and their food. We’re going to explore all of this and more in this helpful guide on teaching your little one how to use a spoon…

baby spoon

Getting a grip

By the time they start eating, your little one is learning more and more about their body and how to control it. Moving their tiny fingers and thumbs, turning their wrists and lifting their arms – these are all skills that they are building at this stage. Even if they can get a good grip on their spoon, they still have to navigate the journey from bowl to mouth!

To give your baby the best head start, make sure they’re using a spoon with an easy-to-grip handle. If it’s too thin, it can be hard for their little hands to get a good grip, and if the material is too slippery they won’t be able to keep a hold of it. Look for spoons that are specially designed for weaning, like our bamboo or silicone spoons, which have ergonomically designed handles to help your baby get a good hold on them.

Little spoons for little mouths

Just as important as the handle, it’s essential that the spoon tip is the right size, shape and material for your little one. Once they’re able to guide the spoon to their mouth, the next challenge is getting the food actually into your baby, instead of on the floor. A spoon that’s too big will be hard for your little one to fit in their tiny mouth, and if it’s too deep you may find that most of the food is still on the spoon after their attempt.

The best spoons for those early stages of weaning have baby-sized tips for baby-sized portions, and have a shallow bowl that little ones can easily eat from. It’s also best to look out for spoons that will be gentle against their delicate gums – for example, our bamboo spoons are soft, silicone tips, and are specially designed to be used as beginner cutlery.

Tableware teamwork

Surprisingly, your child’s cutlery journey is about way more than just their spoon. In fact, the rest of their tableware plays a huge role when learning how to use a spoon. A flat plate or certain bowl shapes can make it harder to load a spoon and scoop it up. You can upgrade them to a more ‘grown-up’ plate as they start to master the skill, but to start with it’s much better to encourage them with specially designed tableware.

When you’re looking for bowls and plates for your weaning baby, keep an eye out for things like high walls, sturdy materials and steep-sided bowls. These can help to aid your baby as they try to scoop up spoonfuls, teaching them how to pick up and eat food without your intervention. Our range of bamboo and silicone tableware is specially designed to make this easier for your little one!

Be your baby’s cheerleader

You are your baby’s role model, and they look to you for guidance and encouragement. If you have no reaction to them successfully gripping their spoon, or if they see you’re disappointed when they drop it, this can discourage them from even trying.

Though it’s easier said than done, you have to try to be patient and encourage any positive behaviour when it comes to weaning with cutlery. Even if they can’t load the spoon themselves, if your baby makes an effort to lift it off of their plate then that should be encouraged! They can associate that praise with the action, and they’ll be more likely to try it again. If they can’t do it, that’s okay, just keep working on it and be your baby’s biggest cheerleader at every little milestone.

Bamboo spoons by eco rascals

Our bamboo and silicone spoons are the perfect way to introduce cutlery to your little ones. With a 100% natural organic bamboo handle, FDA approved silicone feeder, and lightweight design, they’re easy for little hands to navigate.

Not only is the bamboo handle easy to grip, it’s also kind to the environment, non-toxic, and free from nasty materials like BPA and lead. Plus, it has the additional benefits of being anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, while being durable enough to withstand toddler table manners!

Our bamboo spoons are available in a range of vibrant colours which you can mix and match with our tableware. You can find the whole range on our online shop, and, If you’d like more advice and tips, you can also check out our blog!

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