Car seat tips!

We had a brief encounter with a new Mum a few weeks ago who had experienced a horrendous car journey with her new born baby. She asked how can she make the car seat better for her. We just told her she was doing a fabulous job, that all babies kick off in their car seats and the best thing to do was to focus on the road and try to get you and baby to the destination as safely as possible.

As the week continued, a number of great car seat tricks and tips have come back to me and I really wish I had her number to share them with her. Then I realised I have this blog linked to our website. Even if she doesn’t read it, perhaps another new Mum searching online will come across it.

Most new born babies have Mum or Dad in sight for most of their short lives. In a car the safest place for them to be is rear facing on the back seat. Baby can no longer see or smell Mum and they are overwhelmed by a whole new world. 

A few tips and tricks from eco rascals for a smoother journey:

  1. Whenever possible, and we know it’s not always possible, ensure that your baby is fed, clean and dry before you put them into the car seat.
  2. Have a car seat blanket or muslin for baby. Sleep with it in your bed for a couple of nights to ensure it has your smell.
  3. Fix a mirror to the head seat so you can see your baby through your rear-view mirror.
  4. Play white noise – either through your phone or turn the radio onto a non-operational channel to get the static fuzz noise.
  5. If traveling with two adults, ask the other adult to sit beside the baby.
  6. Try and introduce a dummy/pacifier for car journeys only (if you don’t already use one)
  7. In the summer months, bring the car seat into the home to prevent it being too hot and ensure the car is cool before setting off.
  8. When baby gets a little older, you can introduce car seat toys – we love the Easier Drive toys from Taf Toys. Or from three months old, they’ll like the wiggly ones that dangle down.
  9. Talk or sing to your baby – you might think you look silly but just hearing your voice will help calm them down.
  10. Avoid having any strong smelling air fresheners in the car.

A little off our normal topic, but I hope this helps a few Mums out there.

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