Gifting ideas for girls!

Last year we decided to practice the four gift rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Being heavily pregnant with my son and having siblings so close together, I didn't want the girls (or my house) to be overwhelmed with toys. 

Here are a few ideas from my girls something they want list over the years. 

Le Toy Van Ambulance Set 

Gifting ideas for girls - Le Toy Van Ambulance Set

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of doctor games with this Green Toys Ambulance & Doctor’s Kit play set. It’s great for encouraging development of motor skills, imagination, and pro-social behavior. The ambulance features roof lights that flip up into a briefcase handle. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the play set is an environment-conscious choice for your child.  AED 141

Viga Cooking Tea Set (Available in blue and pink)

Gifting ideas for girls - Viga Cooking Tea Set

Perfect for any aspiring young chef and would make a great gift for any occasion. Includes 2 seasoning jars, spatula, scoop, saucepan with lid, frying pan with egg and oven glove. AED 85

Olli and Ella Luggy 

Gifting ideas for girls - Olli and Ella Luggy

A gorgeous wheeled basket for your toddler, perfect for storing and carrying around their most prized possessions.

The Luggy Basket will go with your child everywhere from the beach to the playground - and is perfect for getting them involved with helping with the groceries. AED 315

Tula Mini Toy Carrier

Gifting ideas for girls - Tula Mini Toy Carrier

Let your child play pretend and be the cutest babywearer just like their mum and dad! AED 145

Little People, Big Dreams 

Gifting ideas for girls - Little People, Big Dreams, Women in Science

Meet three inspirational women from the world of science: Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie! This boxed gift set of three hardback books from the internationally bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series introduces little dreamers to the lives of these incredible women who worked in the field of science and changed the world. AED 157.50

I couldn't resist making the fifth item something educational. Those books are huge favourites of mine. The series now has books on inspirational men too. 

Wishing you a wonderfully Merry Christmas from eco rascals. 


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