Superfood Series

What superfoods do your kids eat?

I wasn’t prepared for this question when I got asked this a few months ago by an uber competitive Mum who was already feeling smug after ‘beating’ me in the ‘when did your your child start XX’ game. Little did she know that other than when did she cut her first tooth question (15 months, if you wanted to know), I completely made up my answers to make my child appear ‘slower’ than hers. She obviously wanted a Mum boost that day and I was quite happy to oblige. Both of our children were perfectly happy 2.5-year olds at this point – running, talking, interacting and misbehaving.

All of a sudden, I started to feel a little challenged. What superfoods do my kids eat? What superfoods do I eat? What even are the superfoods?! I can’t remember exactly how I responded but it was along the lines of if it’s not beige and a processed carb, I’m lucky if it doesn’t get thrown on the floor.’  This wasn’t true but I was already fed up of comparing our two wonderful children and I was tired, pregnant and very irritable.

What I should have done, is taken the opportunity to learn what superfoods her kids ate, how she introduced them and maybe take inspiration - we live and learn.

Instead, I headed home and started my own research. Firstly, what even is a superfood? Other than a brilliant PR campaign for the common broccoli and garlic - it’s a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Thankfully, my research showed that lots of food that we often eat at home is considered a superfood –grapefruit, garlic, broccoli, ginger, oats, blueberries, salmon and carrots to name just a few.

I was happy to learn that my children were getting nutritious food without too much thought going into it, but I decided to look into how I could make each meal or snack, just the little bit more nutritious.

Faced with too much knowledge, I’ve decided to share some with you in a series of Superfood posts throughout the year.

Disclaimer, I’m just a Mum, looking at some food, deciding on what’s best for my kids. I’m not a nutritionist and all my information has been found on the world wide web, or through cookbooks.

  1. Organic Raw Cacao Powder– my kids love chocolate and now I can serve them chocolatey goodness knowing that is has 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. Is a great source of iron, magnesium and calcium AND it can make you happy as it elevates your mood.

Add it to smoothies, granola bars, fruit salads and brownies. 

  1. Pomegranates– these deliciously sweet little red seeds are fabulously low in calories, filled with disease-fighting antioxidants, high in fibre, and are good for your heart health.

Serve as a snack for the younger rascals as they are also great for fine tuning motor skills as they are small to pick up. They work brilliantly on savoury and sweet dishes.  Throw in your salads, marinade your roast chicken, or sprinkle over your porridge. Whilst tempting to do so for ease, try not to buy deseeded pomegranate. It’s super quick to do yourself, more hygienic, lasts longer and is better for the environment and the wallet! 

  1. Chia Seeds – we love chia seeds as they are super small and very easy to ‘hide’ in already loved meals. They’re a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, iron and calcium. We recommend soaking them overnight and enjoying them in raw cereal, yoghurts, porridge or smoothies. Or make our own chia pudding – recipe will be uploaded on Tuesday!

1 tablespoon of chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of water can replace the use of an egg in baking too – a nifty trick for when you’re out of eggs or if you are vegan. 

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