Superfood Series 2

Continuing on from our first superfood series post. I wanted to give you a few other super foods to be on the lookout for.

I’m conscious of the pressure we feel as parents to ensure our kid's diets are nutrient rich. The last post focused on three foods that you may not already include in your children’s diets.

This week, I’m hoping to give you an insight on other superfoods, some that you probably already feed your children regularly.

  1. Kiwi

Did you know that our fuzzy friend, the kiwi is one of the most nutritionally dense fruits out there? What’s more, they’re not sky rocketing highly priced in this part of the world. Eating one medium sized Kiwi a day, fulfils your Vitamin C requirement and then some. It also nourishes your body with 38% of its Vitamin K daily requirement – which is marvellous as Vitamin K is one of the vitamins we miss the most in our diets.

Whilst I’ve promised that I’m not obsessed with sleep, or my lack thereof, I also read a recent study about how people who ate two kiwis an hour before bed were more likely to sleep better than those who didn’t. Now I just need to wait for my little one to start weaning and we’re having kiwi for dinner!

  1. Spinach

This dark leafy green is full of Vitamin A, C and E and is loaded with antioxidants. Where possible, I try and ‘hide’ spinach in my children’s food – whether it be in sweet treats like cakes and smoothies or in meals such as lasagne, meatballs and potato gratins.

I love nipping in the fridge and taking a handful for a quick boost and pick me up - three year olds soon pick up on your habits and my daughter has started asking for a few leafs too!

  1. Berries

They are vibrant, colourful, sweet, soft and simply amazing. Each berry comes with lots of amazing benefits but here is my favourite for each of the ones we eat regularly:

Blackberries – high antioxidant strength

Blueberries – excellent source of Vitamin C & K

Goji Berries – good source of iron

Raspberries – Great source of fibre

Strawberries – good source of potassium

Berries have long had brilliant PR about their health benefits. Demand is high, especially for blueberries and strawberries. You should buy organic when you can to avoid digesting nasty chemicals (and the same should be said for all fruits and vegetables.)

The picture is of our organic bamboo bowl and spoon in pink. The silicon suction base is detachable. All our products are plastic free and completely non-toxic for your children to enjoy their foods from. 



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