Top tips for having an earth friendly picnic!

Picnics are a wonderful way to share a meal as a family. Children get excited as it’s a break away from the norm. Parents are excited as its one less meal to cook and clean up from and they get to interact with children more at their level.

But how many times do you head to a park, picnic bench or field and discover that someone’s been there before you? 

Well, we’ve been practicing how to picnic in our house. Here are some tips to make them eco-friendly and fun:

  1. Make sure you choose somewhere that’s close to home or on your way back from a journey you are already going on. Get outside and walk!
  2. Use lunchboxes, storage boxes and linen napkins rather than any of the disposable options.
  3. Take an eco-friendly bin bag for any leftover waste and encourage your family to pick up from others too.
  4. Choose organic and local produce for your meals with as little plastic packaging as possible.
  5. Let your children decide on one thing to go into the picnic basket 
  6. Bring some cuddly friends to share the picnic with you - we all love a teddy bear's picnic and this is a great opportunity to watch your children interact and get creative with their toys.
  7. Bring your rubbish home and recycle in line with your household waste – do not be tempted to throw it in a public bin.
  8. Remember it’s a fun treat so expect excited children and let them enjoy their meal at a slower pace.

What to take on your picnic? A few ideas below!

1. Fruit Skewers 
2. Carrot and cucumber sticks with dip
3. Squeezy yoghurts and smoothies 
4. Triangle sandwiches with cream cheese and cucumber
5. Sweet cherry tomatoes
6. Crunchy crackers with a olive tapenade spread
7. Pasta salad
8. Mini cheese
9. Corn on the cob
10.  Something sweet to signal the end such as muffins or cookies.

Picture shown is our organic bamboo toddler plate and organic bamboo bowl. The silicon suction bases have been removed to make them transportable and picnic friendly.


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