What are the best first foods to start weaning a baby?

What are the best first foods to start weaning a baby?

Feb 14, 2024Celeidh Cook

At eco rascals, we know that every family is different when it comes to their weaning journeys. This post should serve as a guide to when to start weaning your baby, what the best first foods are how these foods can be served. We advocate for a you do you approach when it comes with weaning as ultimately, we want happy, healthy and fed children. 

Puree and solid food served on a silicone plates

When to start weaning your baby?

There are lots of differing opinions on this but as it currently stands, the NHS guideline is to start weaning near to the six month mark. Some parents choose or are encouraged to start slightly earlier than the recommended six months for a whole host of reasons and others put it off for a little longer. There's no magic switch when a baby hits 180 days that means he/she is suddenly more ready than the day before. However, there are some key milestones your child will need to be hitting before you can introduce solid foods safely:

1. They can hold their head steady. 

2. They can sit upright for a prolonged period of time.

3. They can swallow rather than push the food out of their mouths with their tongue. 

4. They have mastered hand to mouth coordination skills.


Which weaning style should you choose for your baby?

There is a lot of differing weaning approaches, whether through purees, blw (finger foods), or a combination of both. There are also strong opinions from all camps, as with most parenting decisions, so it can be hard to decide. Our general rule of thumb is to do what works best for you, your baby and your environment. 
You may also find that you are personally confident in the blw approach for your child, but his or her secondary caregiver would rather feed with purees. This means your child is combination-fed and that's fine too. 

What are the best foods to start weaning a baby?

Image showing the first 20 foods to try when a baby starts weaning. The image includes apple, apricot, avocado, banana, broccoli, pear, carrot, egg, beans, mango, porridge, peach, sweet potato, yoghurt, butternut squash and pumpkin
Again, every parent, culture and country will have a differing opinion on this. What we've done is look at the most common foods and put together a list of the first 20 foods you could try on your weaning journey. 
  1. Apple: Packed with essential nutrients and natural sweetness, apples make a perfect introduction to solid foods.

  2. Avocado: Loaded with healthy fats, avocados are a great choice for baby-led weaning, promoting brain development. 

  3. Banana: Easy to handle and rich in potassium, bananas are a fantastic option for little hands and growing bodies.

  4. Broccoli: A dietary powerhouse, this green vegetable is nutrient-rich a fun texture to explore. 

  5. Carrot: Packed with beta-carotene, carrots are a visually appealing and nutritious addition to your baby's plate.

  6. Chicken: An excellent source of protein for your little one's development.

  7. Egg: Rich in protein and a brilliant vehicle to offer variety. 

  8. Green Peas: Perfect their motor-skills whilst filling them up with zinc, folate, and vitamin B6.

  9. Mango: Introduce a taste of the tropics with ripe mango.

  10. Porridge: Both gentle and filling for babies. Porridge is a great way to introduce stronger tastes and flavours.

  11. Peach: Rich in beta-carotene and potassium and also soft and sweet.

  12. Pear: Packed with fibre and only a subtle sweetness. 

  13. Plums: Rich in antioxidants, plums add a burst of colour and nutrition to your baby's diet.

  14. Pumpkin: Mild in taste, smooth texture and loaded in Vitamin A pumpkin is an excellent first food for babies. 

  15. Squash: Whether roasted or steamed, squash is a versatile vegetable that can be introduced in various textures.

  16. Sweet Potato: Packed with vitamins and fibre, sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious choice for baby-led weaning.

  17. Turkey: Introduce lean turkey as a protein source, supporting your baby's growth and development.

  18. Yoghurt: An excellent source of calcium and probiotics, promoting a healthy digestive system.

How to make weaning a baby easier?

This is where we come in! All entire range of tableware and on-the-go weaning essentials have been crafted to make mealtimes and feeding your children easier. We have the perfect bamboo bowls and suction plates that stick firmly onto tabletops and highchairs. 

We have bamboo snack pots which are great vehicles for snacks and purees. 

Our super soft silicone bibs also prevent too much washing as they are designed to be soft on baby's neck, wide to protect clothing and with a large open mouth to help prevent food from ending up on the floor. 


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