Arancini balls served in an eco rascals suction bamboo bowl

Arancini balls are considered a simple yet delicious Italian snack. A staple of Sicilian cuisine - they consist of a ball of cooked rice which is then coated in bread crumbs and deep friend - often served with a tomato based side. 
I've been known to eat more than my fair share of these at Italian friends events and was so excited when Romina from Yummy Little Belly listed them on her beautiful baby led weaning recipe website. 
Not only has she perfected the simple snack, she made them healthier by baking instead of deep frying. Not to mention that this is a dish which requires using leftovers and you all know how much we like to reduce waste here at eco rascals. 
(makes 12 balls)
- Leftover risotto approximately 150g cooked 
- 100g all purpose flour 
- 12 cubes of mozzarella cheese of cheddar cheese (approx 1.5cm)
- 150g water
- 100g breadcrums
- Olive oil
*Top tip from Romina - make sure to use an Italian variety of rice like Arborio or Carnaroli as their starches produce a creamy texture when cooked. 



1. Using a large mixing bowl, sieve the all purpose flour and add all the water. Stir until completely combined.

2. Scoop two tablespoons of risotto and shape into balls that fit in the palm of your hand. Push the balls flat place the cube of cheese into the centre. Create a ball around the cheese

3. Once the balls are made, dip into the flour and water mixture and then the breadcrumbs

4. Place on a baking tray line with paper, spray with olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes turning half way through. 

5. Leave to cool before serving on your favourite eco rascals bamboo suction bowl or plate. 


This recipe is one of my favourites because it is so easy to make changes. You can replace the cheddar or mozzarella with a vegan cheese alternative to make it dairy and egg free too. 

You can use quinoa crumbs to make it gluten free. 

When you make your risotto, you can add lots of favourite vegetables and nuts for a crunchier taste. 

We use this recipe as part of our meat free Mondays but there are many options to add meat and fish into them too. 

Get the kids involved

Here at eco rascals, we're big advocates of getting the kids involved. We recently wrote about the importance of doing this on our UK website - click here.

This recipe is a lovely messy one that toddlers and kids will love. They can help you follow the recipe with measuring or help you to make the little balls up in their hands. You can ask them to set the timer for you. They can also select their favourite eco rascals weaning plate to serve up on. 

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