A Positive Start to Solid Foods

A Positive Start to Solid Foods

Jun 15, 2023Celeidh Cook

Baby refusing food with text overlay Overcome Weaning Challenges

If you're facing challenges with weaning your baby, don't worry! You're not alone. Being concerned about weaning is a common experience for most parents. Whether you have concerns about choking, gagging, fussy eaters, or want to know what foods to avoid, there's always help available. Common weaning concerns often include:

  1. Choking
  2. Gagging
  3. Dealing with fussy eaters
  4. Identifying foods to avoid
  5. Understanding why your baby won't eat lumpy food
  6. Ensuring your baby gets enough food
  7. Balancing milk intake with solid foods
  8. Knowing how much water to offer

Where to Seek Weaning Advice

When facing challenges with your baby's weaning, it's helpful to turn to other parents for support. You can ask your parents for advice or seek assistance from parenting support groups. If attending a physical group or club isn't feasible for you, there are excellent online resources available. One website we recommend is Mirna Sabbagh's, where you'll find valuable information on baby weaning. You can also follow Mirna on her dual-language (EN/AR) Instagram page for more insights.

Make Weaning a Fun Experience

Did you know that eco rascals® was founded by two mums, Kristina and Celeidh? They shared a common goal of keeping their children's food off the floor. If you can relate to this, you're not alone! eco rascals® not only offers a stylish range of children's tableware but also provides valuable weaning tips. One important aspect of weaning is making mealtimes fun. You can engage your baby by playing games, sharing songs, and exploring the different foods together. When the food on your baby's plate looks appealing, it creates excitement and makes weaning easier.

Be a Positive Parent

Regardless of the weaning method you've chosen—whether it's baby-led weaning or puree weaning—it's crucial to create a positive environment during mealtimes. If your little one doesn't immediately adapt, offer plenty of healthy snacks. Remember to smile and remain patient, even if there's a bit of a mess. Embrace these precious moments that occur when your children are still young.

Useful Tricks and Tips

Start by selecting your little one's favourite animal plate, such as a dinosaur, car, or ladybird. eco rascals® offers a variety of fun suction plates that your child will love. Make the food visually appealing, and for ideas, you can follow us on Instagram. Additionally, you can find easy and colorful weaning recipes on our recipe section of our website for inspiration.  

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