Why do you use bamboo?

A good question, which is easy for us to answer:

Bamboo is organic, recyclable, biodegradable, grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.

Bamboo is an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial material and is resistant to odours, heat, water and stains.

Bamboo looks stylish and can withstand toddler tantrums.

Bamboo does not contain harmful substances often found in plastic products such as BPA, PVC and Phhalates.

Where can I find your products in shops?

Our products are currently only available online. We will also start to showcase our products at the Organic Ripe Market ME. If you follow us on Instagram @ecorascals, you can be kept up to date with our market dates.

What is the bamboo coated with?

The bamboo is coated with FDA approved food grade varnish which is completely harmless to your baby.

Are the bowls microwaveable/oven proof?

Our products are not suitable for any excessive heat and should be used as a serving bowl/plate for your baby or child. Do not microwave or put in the oven.

Are the bowls dishwasher safe?

Our bamboo tableware will last longer if you wash it in warm soapy water. We do not advise putting our products in dishwashers.

Does the silicone suction base stick to all highchairs, tables and worksurfaces?

We have yet to find a solid surface that our silicone suction bases don’t stick to. If you are having any trouble, we suggest wiping the surface and silicone clean and trying again.

What are the product dimensions?

Elephant plate: W: 26.3 x H: 19.1 x D: 3.3cm
Toddler section plate: W: 21.6 x H: 18.6 x D: 3.3cm
Owl plate: W: 20.3 x H: 20 x D: 3.3 cm
Bowl: The internal diameter is 10cm and can hold up to 300ml.
Spoon: L: 14.3cm

Are you able to organise a discount for bulk purchases even if it’s for personal use?

We love that you are so passionate about our product. If you wish to purchase more than 5 products from us at one time, please reach out to hello@ecorascals.com and we can look to make you a personalised offer.

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