Planet Friendly Tableware Designed by Mums

Reduce your child's exposure to plastic by swapping plastic and melamine dinnerware for bamboo, silicone or stainless steel alternatives. These swaps improve the health of the planet and your baby. 


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Weaning Made Easy

Section and suction plates are invaluable during weaning, promoting independent eating by securely holding the plate in place, preventing spills. The divided sections help introduce a variety of foods, encouraging exploration and self-feeding. This stability and structure make mealtime less frustrating and more enjoyable for both children and parents.
Fine Motor Skill Development
Nutrionally balanced meals 
Fussy Eating 
Independent Feeding

Happy, Healthy and Independent Foodies

Why choose eco rascals?

💚 At eco rascals, we use 100% natural bamboo which is not mixed with any polymers, melamine, plastic or chemicals. Our bamboo plates are free from lead, PFAS, BPA, BPS and all other nasties.

💚 We take great pride in our number one commitment to product safety and we partner with the world's leading testing body - SGS - to ensure all of our products comply with strict food contact safety requirements.

💚 Bamboo is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.  We only source bamboo from an FSC certified bamboo supplier.

💚 Bamboo is naturally stain, odour and water resistant meaning that they are super easy to clean in warm, soapy water. 

💚 The sections and walls of the plate make for easy scooping and enable children to fine tune their hand-eye coordination. 

💚 Our 12 month product guarantee and hassle free returns shows our customers that not only are we confident our products will meet their high expectations but that we really do care. 

💚 Unlike other suction products, ours really do stick! The suction works on an airtight mechanism which means as long as they are placed on clean and non porous surfaces, they will grip tightly!