Keep your cool this summer

In this last week the heat has definitely been ramped up a notch and reminded us that summer is most definitely on its way! But it’s OK, we got this. Summer comes every year, without fail, so we know how to get through it and look forward to the cooler months coming back again.

In the meantime, although most of the UAE is now starting to open up again, which is including kids to be allowed back into malls and restaurants, a lot of us are still choosing to stay home a little longer, especially if we have children or other family members with different health conditions. We can use this time at home to start prepping some delicious frozen snacks, to help us get through the hot summer months ahead.

My kids absolutely love ice lolly’s (frozen popsicles to our readers from different parts of the world), and there are countless recipes and shapes of molds for these too, just to make them a bit more exciting!

When I was growing up, ice lolly’s were full of sugar and usually consisted of whatever juice my mum had in the house to fill the molds with. These days, we’re a bit more savvy with ingredients and we can make super yummy AND healthy frozen treats for the kids…..and the occasional one for us. Why not? We totally deserve it!

Try out this delicious recipe for healthy ice lolly’s from @bella_food_ideas:

Take some pureed mixed berries, mango and peach in separate pots (you could use any fruit you prefer), plus some Greek yoghurt with a little honey added to it for sweetness. Then start layering the ingredients into your lolly molds, you can choose any combination you like. How about this combo: peach, mixed berries, yoghurt and then finally topped off with mango? Yum! Just add the sticks into the mixture and freeze until hard, then you are ready to go.

Ice lolly’s or frozen popsicles are not just a great treat for us all, they can be a great way to get extra fluid and hydration into our children. Sometimes in the warmer months, we can struggle with ensuring our kids are having enough to drink and staying well hydrated. Ice lolly’s can add a little bit extra hydration to their little bodies without them even noticing and having the added benefit of being cooling too.

What’s not to love about ice lolly’s? They can be healthy, delicious, easy to make and give us a little hydration when it’s needed. So go ahead and experiment with some of your own ideas and flavour combinations. Make sure you tag us in them and let us know below what ingredients you use to make you ice lolly’s extra yummy! 


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