Keep your cool this summer!

Keep your cool this summer!

Jun 23, 2020Celeidh Cook

We love a sunny spell in the UK! It seems that the weather gods are being fairly kind to us during the pandemic. In most parts of the UK, there's been a few weeks of BBQ weather already and and a few more to come. 

Sunny spells mean that the 6 person garden/outside meet ups are possible which is good news for lots of people who have spent a long time in isolation. It's even great for families that have quite frankly spent way too much time in each other's company the last few months. 

As parents though, heatwaves and sunny days means we have a few extra worries for our children to contend with. We now need to ensure they have good sun protection, their rooms are cooled adequately for a good night of sleep and very importantly - they stay hydrated. 


My kids absolutely love ice lollies and there are countless recipes and shapes of molds for these too, just to make them a bit more exciting!

When I was growing up, ice lollies were full of sugar and usually consisted of whatever juice my mum had in the house - normally Ribena and water. Nowadays, we’re a bit more savvy with ingredients and we can make super yummy AND healthy frozen treats for the kids…..and the occasional one for us. Why not? We totally deserve it!

Our lovely friend Samah from the account @bella_food_ideas shares a number of ice lolly recipes on her site. Our favourite is:

Peach and Berry Lollies:

Step one: Puree your leftover mixed berries
Step two: Puree some peach and mango
Step three: Add a teaspoon of honey to 100g of greek yoghurt (or a dairy free alternative)
Step four: Layer the ingredients so you have fruit first and last and the yoghurt in the centre
Step five: Freeze 

If you are worried about keeping the little ones hydrated, we recommend making ice lollies with 25% freshly pressed juice and 75% water. Kids will think they're being given a treat and you'll know they've had some hydration.

What’s not to love about ice lollies? They can be healthy, delicious, easy to make and give us a little hydration when it’s needed. So go ahead and experiment with some of your own ideas and flavour combinations. Make sure you tag us in them and let us know below what ingredients you use to make you ice lolly’s extra yummy!

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