Halloween biscuit decorating as a family

Spooktacular Family Fun: A Healthy Halloween Celebration Guide for Kids by eco rascals!

Oct 04, 2023Celeidh Cook

Halloween, a time for tricks and treats, can be an exciting celebration for kids when done right. Here at eco rascals, we believe in making Halloween a memorable, non-scary experience that revolves around family fun, creativity, and fabulous food.

Read on as we share our tips and ideas for a spooktacular celebration that keeps your little ones engaged. 

Wickedly Good Fruit Platters: Healthy Halloween Treats

Get creative with cookie cutters and create fruit platters with a spooky twist. Make tangerines adorned with chocolate spider webs, blueberries transformed into creepy-crawly ants, and cucumber slices fashioned into eerie skulls. Kids can participate in making these quirky, healthy snacks while learning about different fruits.

Bamboo plate with cucumber skulls, blueberry shaped ants and tangerine spider webs


DIY Bats: Crafty Halloween Fun

Craft along with eco rascals this halloween and try out our easy craft ideas that will keep the little ones entertained. From toilet roll bats, to monster plates and hand print cards - they are simple and fun!

Mummy Wrapping Contest for the Bigger Kids: Hilarious Halloween Laughs

Provide rolls of toilet paper for a mummy wrapping contest. Divide them into teams and take turns wrapping each other up as mummies. It's hilarious and not at all frightening.

Photo Opportunity for the Little Kids: Dressing Up Photoshoot

Organise a little area to capture your baby's first halloween and find a fun little outfit to remember it by! 

Child dressed up was a pumpkin

Creepy Biscuit Decorating: A Sweet Ending

End your Halloween celebration by gathering the family for a biscuit decorating session. Use gingerbread or sugar cookies shaped like friendly ghosts, pumpkins, and bats. Provide colourful icing, sprinkles, and edible googly eyes for them to decorate with. It's a creative and delicious way to get them involved.

Halloween Cookies decorated - pumpkin, ghost, bat and haunted house

At eco rascals, we believe Halloween is a great way to engage the children with food and festivities. 

Engage your children in exciting activities and encourage them to enjoy wholesome snacks with a spooky twist. Make this Halloween one to remember, and visit www.ecorascals.com for more sustainable, kid-friendly products that promote family fun.

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