Emma Campani - Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant

Emma Campani - Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant

Mar 12, 2024Celeidh Cook

Introducing Emma, founder of I See The Moon - Your Sleep Expert for Little Ones 

In the journey of parenthood, two significant milestones often converge, creating a unique set of challenges for parents – weaning onto solid foods and the all elusive 'sleeping-through-the-night' issues for babies and toddlers.

At eco rascals, we understand the importance of addressing both these aspects, recognising that these subjects are often flooded with conflicting advise from well-meaning members of the public and family members. Our goal is to bring together  professionals to provide expert guidance crucial for this transformative period.

Meet Emma, a certified OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach—the highest level of expertise in the UK. Beyond her impressive professional accolades, Emma is a Welsh/Italian mama to two boys, Arlo & Rudy. Having navigated the joys and challenges of motherhood firsthand, Emma has a true understanding of the profound impact sleep has on both lifestyle and wellness.

Our partnership with Emma is not just about offering a sleep expert; it's a commitment to supporting our community on a holistic level. We recognise that parents seek more than just safe and sustainable products for their little ones. They crave reliable information, tried-and-tested recipes, and expert advice to support them whilst they raise healthy and happy children.

Emma Campani - Sleep Expert - Holding her Two Boys with their face away from the camera

Emma's mission is to support families with their sleep struggles, her advice is there to guide you with the right tools and strategies that will support you and your child to develop healthy sleep behaviours and gain a greater understanding around normal infant behaviour around sleep.

With eco rascals, Emma becomes an integral part of our extended family, offering a wealth of information unique to the needs of our parent community. We will be sharing insightful articles, delving into topics such as sleep routines, the symbiotic relationship between sleep and nutrition, and practical tips on navigating sleep while traveling with your little ones.

Emma's presence will extend beyond the written word. You will be able to catch her on our social media pages, where she will share valuable tips, tricks, and engage in live Q&As. This interactive approach allows our community to connect directly with Emma, tapping into her wealth of knowledge and experience.

You may find that you need more of an immediate approach and guidance. If so, Emma offers a variety of sleep packages and programmes designed to meet the specific needs of your family. To embark on this journey with Emma, visit her site here. What's even more brilliant is that all of Emma's guidance can be received from the comfort of your own home. Emma's clients engage with her on e-mail and video calls. Emma's packages are designed to support you as the parent to manage your child's sleep needs.

At eco rascals, we believe in fostering a community that thrives on shared experiences, expert guidance, and sustainable choices. With Emma by our side,  we're excited to support parents with additional information and support. Make sure you are signed up to our Newsletter and stay tuned for a wealth of knowledge, support, and inspiration as we embark on this exciting partnership with Emma from I See The Moon.



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