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Bamboo Rabbit Plate


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We love hearing from our customers and one of the things we hear a lot is that they’d like a ‘next level’ plate for their child. One without suction or sections but isn’t quite as breakable as china or glass and is DEFINITELY NOT PLASTIC.

We got designing and having samples made … Well, when we met this inquisitive little bunny, we just knew we had to add her to our collection.

Our rabbit plate is an open plate, which gives you the freedom to serve deliciously easy one-pot dinners such as stews, casseroles and curries.

Our Rabbit plate is one of the growing members of the eco rascals ‘in the garden range’ and is already great friends with the ladybird and the snail.

We all know that rabbits enjoy carrots so hopefully your little one will love to munch through a lot of healthy snacks on their plate too.

WARNING, this plate does not come with eco rascals signature suction base which means if your child is still in the throwing plates stage, this rabbit might make you hopping mad!

Want to impress the kids with some amazing rabbit knowledge? Well – a baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe and a male is called a buck. And guess what? Rabbits teeth never stop growing!

  • This amazing rabbit is made from 100% natural bamboo – this means it has not been mixed with any nasty chemicals that you often find in bamboo fiber products.
  • Bamboo is an amazing resource as it super fast growing and reaches full maturity between 3-5 years What’s more, it doesn’t require pesticides to thrive.
  • Open plate without a suction base so a brilliant next level plate for your little rascals who feel a little too grown up for suction and sections.
  • Packaged in a beautiful recycled card box and perfect for gifting.

All eco rascals bamboo tableware products should be washed before first use in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly – this is how it should be cared for after use too.

Bamboo doesn’t like to get too hot or too cold so please don’t put it in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwasher or freezers – It might appear to be coping fine but it’ll last longer if you don’t.

To keep it looking new for longer, coat in coconut oil once a month. 

I should be used with adult supervision at all times.

Please view our FAQs for more information.

Spoons sold separately.

We care about you, your children and our planet. All eco rascals™ packaging is made with recycled card.

Dimensions: 25.3 x 18.0 x 2.7cm

BPA Free

Phthalate Free

Melamine Free

Lead Free

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Bamboo plate - Rabbit
Price: £15.21

2 reviews for Bamboo Rabbit Plate

  1. bestmumma4eva

    Can’t get enough of these! Got one of these with my Elephant weening set and now I’m hooked. Sold the elephant set now because I need as much money as possible to buy these damn rabbits lol..

  2. bestmumma4eva

    told my kiddies the rabbit facts and now we cant stop buying rabbits! so fluffy and great for sensory development! ur the best

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