3 Reasons to Use Bamboo Plates

3 Reasons to Use Bamboo Plates

Apr 12, 2021Celeidh Cook

Did you know that bamboo plates are biodegradable, free of chemicals, and sustainably made? Learn why there's no better choice for your children's plates.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. 

Bamboo's rate of growth is one of the many benefits of this natural resource. As the fastest growing plat in the world, it boasts the ability to be grown and harvested without the use of nasty pesticides and will reach full maturity between three to five years.

Whilst not as cheap as other popular tableware materials like plastic and melamine, parents, appreciate this plant material because if kept in its natural form, it is safer than other manufactured products. eco rascals bamboo products are 100% natural bamboo, meaning they're not mixed with harmful chemicals or plastic and are free of toxins. Keep reading to learn three of the greatest benefits of switching to bamboo plates, utensils, and other kitchenware!

Safe for Children!

Every parent prioritises their children's safety when looking for key purchases. 

Plastic has long been the favourite material for children's tableware because it is cheap, durable and unbreakable. However, parents are becoming more aware of the dangers frequent exposure to plastic can have on their children's health, they are switching to more natural products.

Reusable bamboo bowls and plates are a great alternative and their popularity is growing. Every day, a family opts to not have the cheap plastic tableware cupboard, or they clean it out and make a swap to an eco-friendly alternative.

All materials used in the production of eco rascals products are considered 'zero toxic'.

Bamboo is naturally stain and odour resistant. It is also heat resistant meaning that the product remains cool to touch even with hot food and liquid inside - this is great for protecting little fingers.

Bamboo suction plate

Practical Mealtime Solutions for Parents

There is no doubt a lot of fun involved in feeding children but it's also fairly stressful too. Parents shouldn't have to be dodging flying plates and bowls and children shouldn't be deflated when they accidentally push the plate to the floor whilst chasing a blueberry.

eco rascals bamboo bowls and plates come with detachable silicone suction bases . These bases grip tightly to the highchair tray, preventing accidental spills.

Suction bowl

Combat Fussy Eating in Children

Another benefit of switching to eco rascals bamboo plates and tableware is the functionality and appearance.

Research shows that meal times can be a very stressful experience for children. They are combining the use of all their senses at one time. Smell, sight, taste, touch and sound. One way to reduce stress is to compartmentalise the food and allow children to separate different food groups. This is a proven way to introduce new foods too. 

Bamboo tableware is effortlessly stylish and the contrast with the bright colourful silicone with the wood effect is sure to please both parents and children.

Bamboo section plates

Other Bamboo products

More bamboo products like cups, bowls, utensils, and straws are also available. Like plates, they carry similar environmental, safety, and style benefits with options for customisation.

Let's Bamboo it!

Bamboo is growing increasingly popular. Many parents, in addition to plates, find themselves searching for bamboo alternatives. Our top tip, is to ensure you are looking for natural bamboo products like toothbrushes, toys and straws. Whilst bamboo clothing and sheets are soft to touch, they under go a heavy manufacturing process which reduces their eco-friendliness. 


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