Is Silicone Eco-Friendly?

Is Silicone Eco-Friendly?

Apr 19, 2021Celeidh Cook

Silicone is such a great product and can be found in home appliances across the globe, but is silicone eco-friendly? People have split opinions, being that silicone is seen as a plastic substance.

Silicone is odourless and colourless, water-resistant, chemical resistant, oxidation resistant, stable at high temperature, and have weak forces of attraction, low surface tension, low freezing points and do not conduct electricity.

With all of those properties, it will out service a single-use plastic dish any day. Follow along to see why silicone is eco-friendly for you.

Is silicone eco-friendly?

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a type of polymer. That means it is large molecules composed of many repeated sub-units. These polymers are made up of siloxane (a chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms frequently combined with carbon and/or hydrogen).

Silicon can be found in sand, and when extracted it is super resistant to extreme temperatures and is used in cars, rail cars, and even in electronics.

Silicone is more rubber-like and is non-toxic! It won't break down into small pieces like plastic, this is important because it protects wildlife from eating it.

Food Grade Silicone

There are many replacements for everyday household use that will help decrease your carbon footprint. These can include silicone bags to replace sandwich bags, food huggers, and even cooking utensils.

Using snack containers is also a great option to stay away from plastic goods. These are the best option because when it comes to children, glass and plastic are great, but they can create a hazard when they break. 

Silicone is quick to clean and will never break into small pieces which makes it great for travel as well. Silicone can be used for anything from baby bottles to baking supplies and the change is well worth it.


Silicone vs. Plastic

Because silicone is so durable, you can get the most out of your purchase. When you compare a plastic item to silicone, you would get a thousand more uses out of the silicone product.

This means that you would be saving that many plastic products in a year! On top of that, silicone is also recyclable. At the end of your item's long lifespan, instead of breaking into a bunch of tiny pieces, you can recycle your item!

If you have ever wanted to protect wildlife from ingesting plastic, this is the way to go. Silicone is also less likely to harbour bacteria because of its smooth and easy to clean surface.

Is Silicone Eco-Friendly?

Short answer: Yes. 

How is silicone eco-friendly? It can withstand extreme temperatures, will outlast plastic products, is easy to keep clean, and so many more reasons. Having silicone in your home is overall a great option.

Overall, this item is a great way to take a step towards being eco-friendly and keeping your health in mind! Enjoy learning about silicone? Take your first steps here.

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