Are eco rascals Bamboo Plates Safe?

Are eco rascals Bamboo Plates Safe?

Dec 18, 2023Celeidh Cook

Discover eco rascals: Your Safest Choice for Eco-Friendly Bamboo Plates

At eco rascals, safety and eco-consciousness are at the heart of our bamboo products. Our bamboo plates, sourced from an FSC-certified supplier, are rigorously tested to surpass the strictest European Food Contact Safety standards, ensuring 100% natural, safe, and reliable tableware for your family.

Navigating the bamboo tableware market can be tricky. Some products labeled as organic bamboo might lack the safety standards you expect. Many competitors hastily emulate our designs without the expertise or testing that we've perfected over years.

For instance, retail giant Primark's bamboo plates were recalled due to lead and Formaldehyde traces. The inferior quality and lower price point likely resulted from using a lead press and Formaldehyde-based adhesives, compromising safety.

Before eco rascals launches any product, we prioritise meeting the highest European safety standards. This meticulous process may increase our costs, but safeguarding children’s health is our top priority.

When shopping for bamboo products, seek these qualities: BPA/BPS, Lead, Melamine, and Formaldehyde-free, and from an FSC-certified bamboo source. Reputable companies should readily provide safety certifications upon inquiry.

What's wrong with Melamine?

Melamine, found in some bamboo products, compromises both sustainability and safety. Despite being heat-resistant, microwaving melamine can lead to chemical migration into food, escalating health risks, especially with acidic and hot foods.

eco rascals' founders are passionate about educating customers and ensuring high-quality standards. For personalised assistance or inquiries, contact us directly at Choose eco rascals for the safest, eco-friendly bamboo plates for your little ones.



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