Dairy free and healthy chocolate ice cream!

Dairy free and healthy chocolate ice cream!

Apr 30, 2020Kristina Williams

One of my favourite after dinner treats is ice cream.  I figured this would be the same for Max, but shop bought dairy free ice cream alternatives are so expensive.

A wonderful friend of ours forwarded this recipe to me last night and it went down a storm.


2 bananas (ready to eat)
2 tbsp raw cacao
Almond milk


1.Peel the bananas and freeze for 4/6 hours

2. When ready for the ice cream, blend frozen bananas with the two tablespoons of raw cacao

3. Slowly pour almond milk while blending until you reach your required consistency.  

4. Serve in an eco rascal organic bamboo bowl with detachable silicone base - as modelled by max in the accompanying picture.

Simple yet tasty! If you like this dairy free ice cream recipe you may like our other dairy free recipes in the links below.

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