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eco rascals award winning bamboo plates!

💚 Our Bamboo Suction Plates have super suction strength 💚

Regardless of what material or brand you buy, suction plates work on an airtight mechanism. This means they need to be placed on a smooth surface and pushed down to release the air and create the suction between the plate base and the surface. Our suction rings are large in diameter and height which creates the strongest grip.

💚 We Make Mealtimes Happier and Less Stressful 💚

We have 10 different suction plates for babies weaning designs to pick from. We have 7 larger toddler plates; the owl plate, the elephant plate, the duck plate, the dinosaur plate, the car plate, the open rectangle plate and the open three-section rectangle toddler plate.

In addition, we have three smaller baby plates with two sections each; the snail plate, the ladybird plate and the square plate.

Our final plate in the bamboo toddler plate range is the rabbit plate. This plate has no sections and no suction base which some parents prefer.

Our toddler plates suction come with one, two and three sections so you can determine which one best suits your child.

💚 Give Your Child The Gift Of Independent Feeding? 💚

eco rascals bamboo plates are the perfect tool to support your child's weaning journey. The baby suction plate means that the plate does not slide around the table or highchair which boosts self-esteem and encourages self-feeding. Each plate comes with high walls to support them navigating the food from fork, spoon or finger to mouth.

Available in over seven colours, we also have matching spoons, cups and bowl sets to complete the weaning set.

💚 Are Bamboo Baby Plates Safe For Babies? 💚

Not all bamboo plates and bowls are made equal. At eco rascals, we use 100% natural bamboo which is not mixed with any polymers, melamine, plastic or chemicals. Our bamboo plates are free from lead, PFAS, BPA, BPS and all other nasties.

We take great pride in our number one commitment to product safety and we partner with the world's leading testing body - SGS - to ensure all of our products comply with strict food contact safety requirements.

Bamboo Toddler Plates In Action

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