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Silicone Plate, Bib and Spoon Bundle - Teal


Experience mealtime ease with the eco rascals silicone Bundle, designed for practical parenting. The Silicone Plate, featuring a removable divider, adapts to your child's evolving needs, keeping food separate when you want sections and being an open plate when that need no longer arises.

Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe, it effortlessly fits into your busy routine. Paired with our gentle Silicone Spoons and a stylish Silicone Bib, this bundle offers convenience without compromising on functionality.

Invest in simplicity and versatility – where every meal is a breeze and cleanup is a snap. Elevate your parenting game with eco rascals, making practicality the heart of your little one's dining experience! 🍽️💡✨