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Bamboo Elephant Plate Gift Set


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6m – 5yrs

🎵 Down in the jungle where nobody goes, there’s an elephant there washing his clothes …. 🎵

🎵 Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and off she went to the circus…🎵

The elephant nursery rhyme list is pretty endless. What could be more fun than bringing that wonderfully exotic creature to enjoy mealtimes with the kids. 

There’s also nothing more relaxing than breaking out into a well loved song to distract a little one who is being introduced to a new food or texture.

But you’re probably here to find out what’s inside this beautiful gift box and why you should think about buying it…. 

Let’s first talk to the why:

All eco rascals bamboo products are made from natural bamboo that is sourced from a FSC certified supplier and grown without the use of pesticides – YAY! 

Unlike most bamboo fibre products which tend to be different colours and thinner, our bamboo is NOT mixed with Melamine or other plastics that can leech into your children’s food – Recent studies led to a number of EU countries banning the sell of bamboo fibre products to children under the age of 3 because of this. – DOUBLE YAY!

Mealtimes are already a daunting enough space for children. They are using all of their senses on overdrive. They are determining whether they like the SIGHT, the SMELL, the TASTE, the TEXTURE and the SOUND. Do they like the look of that? Does it smell good to them? Does it make a loud crunch when they’re chewing. Is it lumpy. That’s a lot for a little person to consider multiple times a day. So, this is where the super suction comes in, we decided to take out the other stress which is navigating their bowl or plate of food without it falling to the floor. 

1x Bamboo elephant shaped plate with two large sections and a detachable suction base.

1x Bamboo bowl with detachable suction base

1 x large cup with a silicone straw feeder 

1 x spoon to match 

2 x reusable bamboo stalk straws

Once you’ve made the great step in investing in natural, non-toxic tableware for your children. We want to help you make it last. 

All the products in this weaning set should be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly before first use. This is also how to care for them after each use. 

We recommend leaving the products to dry on a drying rack with the silicone detached and to store in a cool dry place. Reattach the silicone before next use. This will allow time for the bamboo to breathe. 

We suggest coating in coconut oil with a kitchen towel and leaving overnight once a month. This will nourish your natural products and ensure they keep looking their best. If you don’t take this step, then the bamboo can get dry and start to get rough. 

Bamboo should not be put in microwaves, ovens, sterilisers, dishwashers or freezers.

Children should always be supervised when eating and drinking.

Silicone spoon feeders are detachable for cleaning purposes. Please monitor use.

Please view our FAQs for more information.

Gift box dimensions – 32.5×25.5×8.6cm

Elephant plate –  24.9×18.0x3.3cm

Bowl –  11.5×11.5×7.0cm

Cup –  11cm, 210ml

Straws – 15cm long

We care about you, your children and our planet. All eco rascals™ packaging is made with recycled card.

BPA Free

Phthalate Free

Melamine Free


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4 reviews for Bamboo Elephant Plate Gift Set

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    Fantastic gift! I ordered this as a gift for my two young nephews. They both really like it and the parents do too. First, the suction is amazing. No hurricane or toddler can unstick that by accident. The bamboo is surprisingly strong and durable as well. They’ve been using the dishes for a few weeks now and it seems like they will be good for a long time to come. You can tell each dish is high quality, natural, and made with care. (By the way I got the yellow one, it is so adorable).

  2. Nonno (verified owner)

    Bought this elephant set for my grandson and he loves it.
    It washed up great and sticks to his tray well thankfully, saving us from picking it up off the floor.

    • Eco Rascals Founder

      Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review 🙂

  3. Fiona (verified owner)

    I bought these as gifts for friends’ baby boy due to start weaning. The gift was loved by both baby (who could not detach it from the table) and parents alike.
    Beautiful in design and quality.

  4. Chloe (verified owner)

    This was bought by my mother in law and I absolutely love them. My son has managed to get every suction bowl and plate we own off the table, but not these ones!
    Love that they are sustainable and cute design.

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