Healthy Easter Snack Ideas for Kids with eco rascals

Healthy Easter Snack Ideas for Kids with eco rascals

Mar 05, 2024Celeidh Cook

As Easter fast approaches, there's endless fun to be had on Easter and bunny themed treats for your little ones. Whilst chocolate is definitely delicious, we do want to avoid or severely limit the amount of chocolate given to children under the age of 2. That's why we have some other creative suggestions to help you make fun Easter Snacks.

Bunny Eggs and Carrot Sticks 

 Hard boiled egg shaped like a bunny on a silicone plate

Transform hard-boiled eggs into adorable bunny shapes, accompanied by finger-sized carrot sticks for decoration. Note that raw carrots may pose a choking hazard for children under 18 months; for the littlest ones, cook the carrot sticks for a safer alternative.

Pictured on eco rascals silicone plate with a removable divider. Shop here. 

Pear-fect Bunny Bliss

 Pear Shaped Bunny

Design a loveable bunny with pear slices, complete with strawberry feet and a carrot border. To make it suitable for younger children, especially those under 18 months, boil the pear slices and cut into finger slices and opt for cooked carrot decorations to ensure safe and enjoyable snacking.
Served on the eco rascals square baby plate

Easter Egg Fruit Platter

 Fruit platter shaped like an Easter egg

For a fruity Easter delight, create an Easter Egg Fruit Platter. Your options are endless. This was designed with older children in mind, however, it's easy to replicate for under 2s. Just squash the blueberries, quarter the grapes and adjust the fruit slices and sizes to reduce choking risks. This visually appealing and nutritious option is designed with the safety and enjoyment of your little eco rascals in mind.

Served on the bamboo suction plate - open toddler plate - perfect for crafty food art.

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