Blueberry Muffins

by Celeidh Cook on

Super tasty blueberry muffins that are refined sugar-free and a vegan alternative provided.

Chicken Kiev

by Celeidh Cook on

A delicious family staple that is so easy to make at home - helping you to know exactly what your children are consuming! You won't be buying it...

Chocolate Cupcakes

by Celeidh Cook on

A healthy chocolate cupcake treat for children.

Egg Fried Rice

by Celeidh Cook on

Enjoy our egg fried rice recipe for yourself and your little ones. Toddlers can also get involved with helping to prep this recipe.

Dairy free and healthy chocolate ice cream!

by Kristina Williams on

A delightfully easy dairy free ice cream recipe that your kids will love.

Gluten- and Dairy free fish fingers

by Kristina Williams on

Try out Max's favourite fish finger recipes which is both gluten and dairy free ....oh and did I mention delicious?!

Family favourite - Chilli Con Carne with hidden vegetables

by Kristina Williams on

A family favourite Chilli Con Carne with lots of hidden goodness. Organic produce and home cooked with vegan and dairy free alternatives.

Gingerbread Men

by Celeidh Cook on

As a mother of two girls, when I first wrote this recipe out, I started questioning - why are they gingerbread men and not women? A little bit...

Berry Smoothie Ice Lollies

by Kristina Williams on

As soon as our fruit and veg is on the turn, they get moved to the freezer either on standby to become tasty lollies or already encased in...

Vegan Pesto

by Celeidh Cook on

A delicious vegan pesto recipe which can be frozen and batch cooked!

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