Pea and cheese risotto

by Celeidh Cook on

Are you looking for a one dish option for your little rascal? Check-out our pea and cheese risotto. It's a perfect recipe for the whole family.

Loaded Jacket Potatoes

by Celeidh Cook on

Jacket potatoes are an easy meal to load with goodness - give these a try!

Baby friendly tuna bake

by Celeidh Cook on

A deliciously easy way to introduce tuna to your baby and toddler's diet.

Cauliflower Tater Tots

by Celeidh Cook on

  Cauliflower tater tots are so versatile. Newly weaned children love to hold them and bring them to their mouth and more experienced eaters love the opportunity to dip them....

Fish cake balls

by Celeidh Cook on

Fish contains essential proteins which help children’s muscles to grow and repair. It’s also brilliant for fueling the brain. These fun fish balls are not only delicious, they...

Banana Pancakes

by Celeidh Cook on

We first started making banana pancakes for my eldest daughter when she refused to be spoon fed. We started off using a lovely and super simple recipe which yielded...

Cheese Fondue for the whole family

by Celeidh Cook on

Do you want mealtime to be exciting and memorable? Having a family tradition, whether it be a roast on a Sunday, or Fajita Mondays can be a really...

Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies

by Celeidh Cook on

Why not try this delicious chocolate brownie recipe out with a little helper? Talk through all the ingredients as you go and explain what each item is doing...

Gluten-free Pizza Base

by Celeidh Cook on

Want to try a gluten-free pizza dough recipe out? We hope you love pizza as much as we do.

Butternut Squash Soup

by Celeidh Cook on

Fill your children's bellies with this wonderful filling butternut squash soup.

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